Coaching in academia: support for your success

Dr. Sylvia Löhken is a coach with special focus on academia. She may walk with you in all aspects and all phases of your personal career. This can happen in personal meetings as well as via Skype or Zoom.

A specific case are coachings preparing for an ERC Interview - we have created a special format for this occasion.

Other coaching topics in science, research and science administration often arise in three areas.

Executive coaching

As a manager you have to cope with special requirements. To help you achieve your goals, coaching can support you...

  • when you create team and work structures
  • when you find yourself being challenged by delicate communication, difficult conversations, and conflict management
  • when you ponder time and self management issues
  • when you want to lead more effectively from your home office
  • when you reflect on your role as a leader
  • when you want to be successful at representative tasks (e.g. dealing with superiors, panels, committees...)

Career jump coaching

You may want to prepare your next career step or an important event with an individually tailored and goal-oriented coaching. We help you to create your own convincing communication. The coaching process may include

  • body and voice training
  • design of test lectures, important presentations, inaugural lectures and keynotes (in German and English)
  • strategic preparation for your pitches, job interviews, and appointment discussions and negotiations

Personal coaching:
Understand and develop your own personality

You grow with your tasks - but do you grow in a direction that is good for you?
We will help you to create a private and professional environment in which you can flourish with your personality. The coaching may include questions like these:

  • How do I reconcile my career ambitions with my family?
  • Which traits make me special? What drives me? And what do the answers mean for my career and life path?
  • How do I deal with uncertainties, with temporary positions, or missing perspectives?


All coaching is strictly confidential, even if your institution will pay the fee. 

Each coaching is preceded by a briefing which is free of charge for you. This conversation will give you room for communicating your topics and concerns, your questions as well as general conditions such as the fee, place and time. A coaching session usually lasts two full hours; however, longer or shorter sessions are also possible.

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