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Introverts can speak in front of crowds. Sylvia Löhken is the best proof: She was made Speaker of the Year 2012 - WAZ

Sylvia shows what personality is all about. She knows how to translate scientific findings and complex know-how into simple words - and into clear, effective strategies.

Speaking topics

Quiet person - good life
How can you use introverted strengths to make  life successful? How can introverts and extroverts thrive together? And what exactly is success?

Leading with personality
The executive speech for managers: What strengths do intro- and extroverted leaders have?
And what is the best way to deal with people who tick completely differently?

Quiet stars and extro power
This lecture helps managers to better support their team members.

Safe chaos, stimulating structure.
How do introverts and extroverts collaborate best?
This keynote helps team members gain understanding for each other - and learn how they can thrive in their daily work.

Energy management for introverts and extroverts
This topic fits well with a diverse audience with very different backgrounds. Everybody will leave with personal impulses for better energy management.

Learning for introverts and extroverts
Introverts and extroverts have different learning preferences. This lecture shows how teachers, coaches and trainers can best support both personality types.

Sylvia speaks in German and English. For non-profit institutions, she offers a limited number of speaking assignments at a reduced fee.

Please ask here for further information.

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