You make the biggest difference...

... if you discover your own way.

In some life situations, it is good for us to have somebody walk with us for a part of the way. I I would like to help you move in directions that are good for you - and reach the goals, make the decisions that really count.

These goals are very personal. However, they all have to do with movement and change. Some coachees want to clarify a life topic or prepare an important decision. Others want to achieve a promotion, a better cooperation with their team or a shape their leadership role. 

Every coaching process is different. We plan the framework that suits you best: online or in person, one or several sessions. Please get in touch with me personally - you are invited to a Skype, Zoom or telephone meeting to clarify your concerns and questions. This appointment is free of charge for you.

If you work in science, research or academic administration, you will find more detailed information here

Coaching packages for quiet persons

The following coaching packages are especially designed for introverted personalities, 
who pay their coaching personally.

Package 1 includes...
- a telephone conversation for session planning
- 4 full hours of coaching in my practice at the Bonner Markt or via Zoom/Skype
- a coaching folder with material and space for reflection in written form
- a good supply of snacks and drinks
- a lunch if the coaching takes place on one day
- a coaching documentation

Costs: 948 € + 19 % VAT

Package 2 leaves more room for reflection and allows you to go deeper. It includes...

- Package 1, but with
- 3 coachings of 2 hours each, spread over two or three individual days - a meeting via Skype/Zoom is also possible here

Costs: 1.348 € + 19 % VAT

Package 3: Special package Quiet Effect

This package is specifically designed for quiet people who want to work on their effect in communication. It combines a systematic effect analysis with body, voice and speech work. You will work with two coaches for an added effect. Typical concerns are: establishing and maintaining contacts, lecturing, but also creating impact in meetings and conversations. 

The package includes:

- a telephone conversation for session planning
- an S.C.I.L. analysis with a detailed evaluation interview (= 2 hours of coaching)
- a comprehensive documentation about your personal impact
- 4 additional hours of coaching, including two hours with Tom Peters
an experienced body and voice teacher and professional musician
- Snacks, drinks
- a lunch when we choose to have two coaching slots in one day
- a coaching documentation

The body and voice work should take place in a face-to-face session if possible; otherwise, we also offer Skype and zoom sessions in this package. 
After this coaching, you will have a new approach to your quiet strengths. You will be able to communicate authentically and with energy.

Costs: 1.498 € + 19 % VAT

Do you have any questions? Would you like to book a date? Just get in touch with Sylvia.

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